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2019 Innovations That Inspire

Submission Guidelines:

  • The submission period has ended. All submissions will be available in DataDirect and selected submissions will be highlighted, beginning in April 2019.
  • Institutions may enter a maximum of two (2) submissions. 
  • Prior to submitting your innovation(s), please confirm that all divisions across the institution (leadership office, centers or institutions, communications team, etc.) have discussed and agreed upon the submissions.
  • Multiple individuals or divisions across the institution may collaborate on selecting appropriate innovation(s), but please identify only one person per institution to be the “submitter” on behalf of the school. 
  • See the list of FAQs for more commonly asked questions.

Submission Framework:

As you draft your submission, please be prepared to enter the following information in third-person voice. 

  • Innovation Name: Provide a short name or title for your school’s innovation. (50 characters or less, includes spacing)
  • Innovation Statement: Briefly summarize your school’s innovation. (35 words or less)
  • Call to Action: Discuss the motivation behind considering and/or implementing the innovation. (250 words or less)
  • Innovation Description: Please provide a description of the innovation itself, including any applicable information such as timeframe, structure, objectives, process, activities, etc. (250 words or less)
  • Impact: Please provide a description of the impact the innovation has made, and/or anticipated future impact. (250 words or less)
  • Reference URL Links: You may provide up to three related URL links with reference information that may be of interest to others wanting to learn more about your summary. (Note: reference links are not required.)
  • Innovation Partners: The co-creation of knowledge is often dependent upon partnerships across disciplines, with industry, and/or with other institutions. Please list the names of partner organizations for this innovation, if applicable.
  • Innovation Characteristics: For each submission, please select the appropriate characteric(s) that apply to your innovation. 
  • Institution Logo: If selected for recognition, this will be the image that will represent the innovation in all marketing, communications, and/or promotion efforts. (Note: PNG preferred, JPGs accepted.)
  • Additional Contacts: Within your submission, schools will have the opportunity to identify additional contacts. The first will be the best individual at your institution to provide additional information or answer questions about the innovation itself. This contact information will be included within AACSB's DataDirect Innovations that Inspire Quick Reports. A second contact may be designated to receive details regarding collaborative PR/social media efforts, if the innovation is selected as a 2019 highlight.