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Eligibility & Nomination Guidelines 


Please note - the nomination period for the 2019 Influential Leaders has ended. 


Who is eligible for the Influential Leaders challenge?

  • The Influential Leaders challenge is open to all AACSB-accredited institutions. 

  • All Nominees must have earned a business degree at the undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level from an institution currently accredited by AACSB International. 

  • If you previously nominated someone for the Influential Leaders challenge but they were not selected as an Honoree, you may nominate them again.

  • Leaders who have been previously selected as Honorees for the Influential Leaders challenge may not be nominated again. 

  • You may nominate more than one (1) leader; No more than two (2) Nominees per school will be accepted. 

    • If you are submitting more than one Nominee, you must complete (and submit) the first nomination before starting the second one. 

  • You may nominate a leader posthumously. 

What does the application require?

  • A bio and headshot is required for all Nominees. The nomination form includes a section where you will be asked to upload that information in either PDF or Word format (for the bio) and JPG or PNG format (for the headshot.)  

  • The nomination form also asks you to provide a primary point of contact for all communications and notifications regarding this challenge.

  • The nomination deadline has been extended to October 26, 2018

How will honorees be recognized?

  • Notifications regarding the selection of the Honorees will occur in December 2018. Your school will be notified whether or not the Nominee was selected. AACSB will not communicate directly with any nominated person(s), only with the point(s) of contact identified within the application.  

  • AACSB will publicly announce the Honorees during the annual Deans Conference, February 10-12, 2019 and will highlight the Honorees throughout 2019. 

  • AACSB will coordinate a joint public relations effort with the selected schools, through sample press releases, social media posts, and other efforts.